Three things

16 Nov

Everyone wishes that they could go back in time and know then what they know now. I am obsessed with music and i also make music sometimes. So i am going to go ahead and say the three things i wish i knew about music, also so people now won’t make those mistakes.

Number 1 regret is that i wish i wish i would have taken singing lessons or guitar lessons when i was younger. There is no problem with taking them when you are older. But It’s always good to start at a young age, which will also make you an extra good musician as you get older. If your a parent and your child likes to sing or wants to play an instrument then get them lessons ASAP, they will be very grateful when they are older.

Number 2 regret is i wish that i could have been listening to all the new music people were listening to. So i strongly recommend looking at the top 100 songs on iTunes so you can be up to date when people talk about the songs

Number 3 regret is i wish that i would have tried to become a singer earlier. This is like my regret number 1, i just wish that i wasn’t so afraid to sing at talent shows and at festivals and make a youtube channel earlier, i think i would have been  much better musician. So thats why I’m telling you, that if your child wants to play music, then start them early!


well thats all, have a musical day!


Trendsetter Of Mine

6 Nov


When people ask who my rolemodel is, or someone that i wanna be like i will always say adele. Not only do i love music but i am also working on becoming a musician. i play foure instruments and i sing. People sometimes say i have a voice like Amy Winehouse or Norah Jones but when people say i have a voice like Adele i am the happiest person alive. Adele started out small but now she is one of the most popular and famous musicians and her music is good for every type of person. you can click here to look at her blog

One of the main things i love about Adele is she is her own person, she doesn’t follow any trends. She starts her own, she does her own thing and also doesn’t care what people think of her. And that is exactly how i want to be.

Other blogs!

30 Oct

Hey guys!

So today i was looking at music blogs and i found some really good ones.  here is one blog. click here

and here is the second. click here

this was a short post, but i just wanted to tell you guys about those blogs.

Well hav3e a musical day!

youtube to mp3 converter

25 Oct







So if your a teenager like me or if you just don’t have much money in general and at the same time you love music, then it is sometimes hard to get music with iTunes because it really does get expensive. But fortunately there are other (legal) ways of getting music. One of the ways is Spotify, which i already talked about in two other posts. if you would like to see them click here    or here.

but there is also another solution, it is called YouTube to mp3 converter. And i will show you steps to get your music from it.

step one: go to the website. click here

step two: open a second tab and go to YouTube.

step three: look up a song of your choice on YouTube then click on the song.

step four: copy the URL of the song

step five: paste the URL where it says “enter the link to the media”

step six: click the “convert to mp3” button

step seven: wait for it to load. when it is done loading click download. then your done!

well, have a musical day everyone!

My Wishes

18 Oct

So you guys have heard me talk about spotify and how much i love it. Well now i am going to say some things i would like to change about it.

1. Sometimes they don’t have the new popular songs that everyone likes and i think they should change it so Whenever a new album comes out of a band they have it.

2. one main thing that makes me mad about spotify is that whenever you listen to a song, it shows up on your Facebook wall, so i think they should make it private listening instead of telling all your friends what you listening to. (because it is sort of embarrassing when i am listening to Hannah Montana and everyone knows.)

3. The main thing that irks me is that you cannot have a spotify unless you have a Facebook. if they made it so you could just login with an email instead of a Facebook,
then they would have a lot more user. It would also be convenient for people who don’t have a Facebook or who needed to delete it for work purposes.

well those are my wishes/ rants.

Have a musical day!


9 Oct

Hey guys!

So Halloween is almost here and i am not the biggest fan of dressing up and that stuff. But i LOVE the scary movies and the music. Yeah, so i guess the music is sometimes lame and childish but i still love it. If you have children that you want to find Halloween music for, or if you are having a Halloween party, or even if you are just in the mood to listen to some scary tunes then  you are at the right place.

here is a list of the best Halloween songs:

5. First is the Ghostbuster’s theme song. Ghostbuster’s is a classic Halloween movie.

4. One really great song is The Addams family theme song. The Addams family is a great TV show and movie that i strongly recommend watching.

3. Number three song is This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson. It is from my favorite Halloween movie The Night Before Christmas.
2. Number two song is monster mash by Bobby Picket. i used to always listen to this song when i was younger. great song.
1. And finally the number one song. If you don’t already know it then you should listen. And the best part is there is a dance that goes with it. The song is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Music App: Spotify

2 Oct

This app is already pretty big, but if you don’t have it then GET IT NOW!! spotify is basically a free itunes and a pandora put together. it’s pretty amazing.

If you would like to get it then click here. But of coarse there is a bad side to everything, and unfortunately you have to have a facebook to make and login to your spotify account.

If you would like to hear someone else’s imput on the app then you can read this blog post or read this review.

But personally i love it because i can get so much music whenever i want. i highly reccomend it.

Have a musical day!


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