My Wishes

18 Oct

So you guys have heard me talk about spotify and how much i love it. Well now i am going to say some things i would like to change about it.

1. Sometimes they don’t have the new popular songs that everyone likes and i think they should change it so Whenever a new album comes out of a band they have it.

2. one main thing that makes me mad about spotify is that whenever you listen to a song, it shows up on your Facebook wall, so i think they should make it private listening instead of telling all your friends what you listening to. (because it is sort of embarrassing when i am listening to Hannah Montana and everyone knows.)

3. The main thing that irks me is that you cannot have a spotify unless you have a Facebook. if they made it so you could just login with an email instead of a Facebook,
then they would have a lot more user. It would also be convenient for people who don’t have a Facebook or who needed to delete it for work purposes.

well those are my wishes/ rants.

Have a musical day!



One Response to “My Wishes”

  1. Steve November 9, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    I agree one hundred percent. Facebook is the devil and I don’t support any site that tries to force me to use Facebook.

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