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25 Oct







So if your a teenager like me or if you just don’t have much money in general and at the same time you love music, then it is sometimes hard to get music with iTunes because it really does get expensive. But fortunately there are other (legal) ways of getting music. One of the ways is Spotify, which i already talked about in two other posts. if you would like to see them click here    or here.

but there is also another solution, it is called YouTube to mp3 converter. And i will show you steps to get your music from it.

step one: go to the website. click here

step two: open a second tab and go to YouTube.

step three: look up a song of your choice on YouTube then click on the song.

step four: copy the URL of the song

step five: paste the URL where it says “enter the link to the media”

step six: click the “convert to mp3” button

step seven: wait for it to load. when it is done loading click download. then your done!

well, have a musical day everyone!


One Response to “youtube to mp3 converter”

  1. Steve November 8, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    I keep trying to get people onboard with Linux since, among other reasons, it’s free. But one drawback is you have to jump through hoops to play mp3s. Now, a YouTube to .ogg converter would be fantastic! I can never understand why .ogg is not more popular considering the quality is as good or better than mp3 and, you know, it’s free(!).

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